How to Root MEmu Android Emulator Complete Tutorial here

How to Root MEmu Android Emulator Complete Tutorial

Guides & Tutorial Root MEmu Play

How to Root MEmu Android Emulator

MEmu Android Emulator is a smart application which helps us to manage our Android devices into our Pc. In this modern Era of technology sometimes our cell phones do not have a high-end result. Most of the people are a fan of the Android operating system and they have face problems with big screens then MEmu Play is the best solution to this problem. Moreover, the Application provides users to run Android applications on the computer smoothly. Furthermore, the software is designed to compete very well with the all other devices which are available in the market. The Application is advanced and powerful and it takes very minimum hardware space 2 GB RAM and 4 GB HDD space. MEmu Download is very easy and simple process and there is no need to specialize training read these simple tutorials and move forward.

How to Root MEmu Android Emulator Complete Tutorial here

When we are going to MEmu Emulator Review we found that the software runs most of the apps from the Play Store without facing any difficulty. Furthermore, we also see that the most popular games makers already optimized their games for MEmu Player for better performance. So, if you want to Root MEmu Android Emulator Completely then you are on the right track. Therefore, please read the full article carefully after reading this article we assure you that you will be able to Root MEmu Emulator without any problem.

Advanced Tip: you can download MEmu for Mac here

Main advantages of rooting MEmu Android

When you have a modified the system files root the Android operating system is the best choice for this task. Furthermore, the software is allowed to get system permissions for third-party apps which are not available pre-installed on the phone. Additionally, you can also allow third-party apps to modify system files as well. This application allows you to run multiple penetration testing programs and software like wifi hackers and pocket sniffers which are deals and developed for Android. Moreover, the MEmu Android Emulator allows you to edit app data and use cheats for the cell phone on your computer.

How to Root MEmu Android Emulator Complete Tutorial here

Rooting is a risky work

There are many different types of risks are involved in rooting an Android device you may lose the data and also a possibility of bricking your phone. Moreover, nobody will want to lose their precious data and personal information so, MEmu is the best option to make sure that the all your data would be saved. This is the only Emulator, if you feel something going wrong, you can simply Uninstall the program and then reinstall without any data loss or broken your device.

How to Root MEmu

Here we are going to root MEmu by the using of Touch Root method. Moreover, in the market there are some exploits are available to Root a phone which mostly works for all Android devices. TowelRoot and KingRoot both are the providers of these exploits. KingRoot for root the MEmu so, be here and read carefully next steps of the article.

How to Root MEmu Android Emulator Complete Tutorial here

Follow these steps to Root MEmu

Step 1– first of all you have to download MEmu from the official website of the application. After that, you can install and run the software.

Step 2– Then log into your Google account and setup MEmu.

Step 3– Go to and download KingRoot Apk. Be sure that download the APK for Android version never be downloaded pc version because Memu is an android emulator.

Step 4– Move forward and go to download folder and install KingRoot by double-clicking the APK file. Thereafter a pop-up from MEmu will appear which alert you about the installation of the KingRoot APK.

Step 5– successful completion of installation you will start MEmu, open KingRoot and press the button ‘Try to root’. Now KingRoot asks different types of permissions, please allow all the permissions now the root process is started. It will be taken one or two minutes so be patient till the process is complete. Keep in mind that MEmu may be restarted many times during the process, don’t worry at all its totally normal.

All the above steps completed the KingRoot will show you a message that MEmu is rooted successfully. With the downloading of root checker, you can verify that your computer is successfully rooted.

How to Root MEmu Android Emulator Complete Tutorial here

We will notify that KingRoot is installed in MEmu, the application has been added in the system partition and can not be removed. For this system will be given permission to third-party apps and allows users to view system files and modify them. Moreover, an alternative for KingUser with SuperSU but keep in mind that the functionality is the same and it is much difference between them.

Alternatively, root the MEmu

There is an alternative option for rooting the MEmu using the Tweaker method. So, if you use this tool please download BS Tweaker from below.

Download BS Tweaker here

Sometimes it may not be working properly then install BS Tweaker, start it and press the button Start BS. After the restart of MEmu Player and retry the above method again.


This is the best way to Root MEmu and you can manage better control and changes according to your requirements. If you have any questions or comments please use the comments section below, we always welcome your suggestions and feedback.

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