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How to Install APKs on MEmu Emulator Using the Different Methods

Guides & Tutorial Install APKs on MEmu Play

How to Install APKs on MEmu Emulator

MEmu Emulator is a smart Android emulator application which helps us to play games and run apps on Windows computers. We have the option to use the software for the temporary or permanent basis for fun purposes. Furthermore, download of the MEmu Emulator you will only get to access to the software. Moreover, all the apps and games are not available in it by default. For this purpose, you have to search for the apps and games which you want to install on your android device. It works like a new smartphone only default apps will be installed on MEmu Play.

How to Install APKs on MEmu Emulator Using the Different Methods

When we are going to learn how to install APK files we find that there are two different methods for any specific app or game which is compatible with MEmu for Mac or windows. These methods are totally different from each other and took different steps to process the task. So, it is very important to understand every step of the process deeply before execution of the program. Here we are going to learn about these step so, please put your attention on the article for better understandings. MEmu Update must be kept in mind and study upcoming articles on the topic.

How to Install APKs on MEmu Emulator Using the Different Methods

MEmu Android Emulator and Installation of Apk

Method 1

Step 1_ First of all, you have to launch the MEmu Android on your computer and then click on the Google Play Store icon which is already installed by default on MEmu Play.

 Now step 2_ on your computer screen you will see a search bar appears, and now you can put the name of the app whose APK you want to install in MEmu Application.

Step 3_ A fresh list of results are available for the name which you have entered in the search bar. So, you can select the desired app and click on the install option to initiate the download that APK on MEmu Emulator quickly. Furthermore, after the successful downloading of the APK, it will be automatically installed and ready for use ASAP.

Method 2

Step 1_ in this process first of all your search and download the APK file which you want to install in MEmu from the internet.

Step 2_ now you should launch the MEmu on your computer. Then click on the APK button which appears on the sidebar.

Step 3_ here you see a dialog box appears on your computer screen. So, you can use this box to navigate to the location where you have downloaded the APK file.

Step 4_ when you will reach this point you found the right APK file click on it and then click on open source to install to install the APK file in MEmu Emulator, and then you can also drag and drop the APK file on your computer screen of MEmu to begin its installation.

Method 3

Step 1_ in this process first you can search and download the APK file which you want to install in MEmu form the internet.

 Then step 2_ then you should go to the right location where APK file downloaded, and then click on it.

Step 3_ completion of the above steps, then select open with from the drop-down box and click on MEmu to install the APK file in MEmu.

After the successful installation of APK, you will be able to use the app ever you want. You can see a shortcut icon displayed on the homepage of MEmu. Additionally, another icon will appear on the menu. Please double click on the icons to launch the installed app using MEmu Android Emulator on your computer.


All the above methods are used to download and install APK on the MEmu Play smoothly. Moreover, these all techniques are very useful to install APK files in MEmu without facing any difficulty. Finally, you will be welcome if you have any other methods about this process please share with us in the comments section and best of luck.

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